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Protective Remote Monitoring Devices

Monitor and protect your home when you aren’t there. Let technology make your life easier. Today we have systems available that can monitor your heating and air conditioning system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These systems are perfect for vacation homes or for people who travel a lot.
ComfortLink™ II Smart Control
The ComfortLink™ II control system gives you the ultimate control over the comfort of your home. The touchscreen display shows indoor and outdoor weather data, forecasts and weather alerts, and maintenance alerts. Accessible through the internet anwhere, you are always able to control your heating and cooling systems. When combined with the Schlage Home Appliance Module, you are also able to control lights and other small appliances remotely.
ComfortLink™ Smart Control
The ComfortLink™ Smart Control gives you control of your home while you are away. You can reprogram it from anywhere through the internet. As with the ComfortLink™ II, it can be combined with Schlage for even more control.